“…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!” is a cosplay group based in central Indiana (though we love to travel!). We produce costumes for exhibition or competition at various events around the country, and very occasionally provide costuming services for other professional organizations. We also teach workshops on costuming, materials, prop and armor construction, presentation, and more.

We love cosplayers and cosplay, and we particularly love helping novices get started! There are many free tutorials here on our website, and we invite questions or costume discussion on our Facebook page and Tumblr blog. All we ask is that you be polite and courteous to your fellow costumers.

Conventions: We present a variety of panels and seminars for free (see the list), and we’ll provide hands-on creative workshops for your event for a nominal per-participant materials fee. We’re also happy to judge or host Masquerades and cosplay events or appear as cosplay guests.

Note: While most conventions are on hiatus during the pandemic, we’re still active! Follow our projects on Instagram, or tune in to Alena’s weekly cosplay Twitch stream on Tuesdays at 8PM EST to see what we’re working on. We’re also running virtual panels at online cons all year, so follow us on your favorite social media to stay up to date!